Breaking: ELECTRA-STROKE study publication in Neurology

17 October 2023

Between 2018 and 2022, the ELECTRA-STROKE brain-wave cap was tested in twelve Dutch ambulances of Ambulance Amsterdam and Witte Kruis, with data collected from 389 patients. The study found that the brain-wave cap could accurately identify patients with LVO stroke, which is a type of ischemic stroke that is caused by a blockage in a large artery in the brain.

The study also found that the brain-wave cap can be used in the ambulance setting, which is important because it could allow ambulance personnel to quickly and accurately identify patients who need to be transported to a specialized stroke center for treatment.

Future of pre-hospital stroke triage

TrianecT, an Amsterdam UMC spin-off company, is further developing the brain-wave cap into a product in order to bring it to the market. A follow-up study (AI-STROKE) is currently ongoing to collect data from 1192 patients in order to further improve the algorithm for recognizing LVO stroke in the ambulance.

News coverage

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Our solution News Breaking: ELECTRA-STROKE study publication in Neurology