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Neurologist Jonathan Coutinho, technical physician Wouter Potters, and Professor Henk Marquering from Amsterdam UMC, along with AMC Ventures and German Neuromotion Ventures, founded our company in September 2022. At TrianecT we develop Strokepointer, a medical device to diagnose a stroke in the ambulance, thereby speeding up the patient's access to the correct treatment.

Our mission is to provide emergency medical services with information to make evidence-based decisions in the acute stroke care to accelerate treatment and improve patient outcome.

TrianecT originated from the Amsterdam UMC, where we conducted our research. Solid scientific research (ELECTRA-STROKE, AI-STROKE) showed that EEG can be measured in the ambulance and showed that our developed algorithms are highly accurate in diagnosis of stroke. We saw an opportunity to create a huge positive impact for individual patients with acute stroke as well as society. This is why we incorporated TrianecT: to bring our technology to the market at scale.

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AMC Ventures Holding BV is a 100% subsidiary of the Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC). It facilitates top researchers from the AMC in their attempts to set up companies based on their scientific findings in the area of medical Research & Development or production arising from this. 

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Neuromotion Ventures GmbH operates as a corporate partner and support network to exceptional founders building software, hardware, and new businesses in medical neurotechnology. Neuromotion incorporates 25+ years of experience in developing medical grade EEG amplifiers as well as CE certified medical software.


We have an extraordinary team developing our groundbreaking technology.

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